Our Grads Are Thriving

Today Woldine on the right and Herby on the left visited Kelly in the middle. Two grads from our program last year who just finished 7th grade. Herby 2nd and Woldine third in their class of 36. They also reported that the 2 other grads from our program were 8th and 9th in the class. We are so very proud of our former students! We support each graduate to continue their education by paying half their tuition. You can help our efforts by clicking on the donate Heart at the top right of this page. Mesi Anmpil.

All the Kids Passed the Exam!

This year, we sent 10 children to take the 6th Grade Matriculation Exam, and all of them passed! We now have 44 graduates from our program, and are extremely proud of all of them and what they have accomplished!

Congratulations to all the kids, and thank you to the teachers and staff at Pi Gwo Byen! And thanks you to each and every one of our supporters who have brought life-changing progress to the lives of these children, and to their community.

GGH Featured on “Global Innovations”

Greater Good Haiti Director, Kelly Kobza, and volunteer Robin Bougeja are featured on Chris Grahan’s San Francisco Bay Area’s “Global Innovations” program to discuss their ongoing work in Haiti.

Our Graduated Students Come Back to Visit!

Haiti StudentsFormer students always come to visit when they hear that Kelly is in town. We are so proud of these kids. Some are now in 9th grade others 8th grade and now we have 10 new 7th graders who have graduated from our program. 27 kids have graduated from our program and ALL 27 are continuing their educations, several are at the TOP of their classes!

100% Pass Rate for GGH Students!

Haiti Students in ClassWe are incredibly HAPPY and HONORED to announce that once again, ALL STUDENTS who took the National mandatory 6th grade matriculation exam have PASSED. Yes, that’s right for the second year running we have 100% passing rate. Please understand what an achievement this is, the national average passing rate is 20%.


We could never have accomplished this without the generous and continued support of our donors.

As the 2016/17 school year is about to begin, we hope that our success inspires you to be a supporter of this amazing and oh so important work. THANK YOU.

We Must Have Education…

Mural Haiiti

“We must have education so that we can fly like a bird.”

Our dilapidated mural says: “We must have education so that we can fly like a bird.”

The students came up with the phrase after looking at a photo of birds flying and were asked to create a sentence about the importance of education using this image as the connection or basis of your sentence. Then in groups they chose the one from their group that was most inspiring and then as a whole group the chose the one that got painted on the wall. It was a fantastic activity!

They All Passed the 6th Grade Exam!

2015-12-graduatesToday we got some amazing, fantastic news. All of the Pi Gwo Byen students who took the 6th Grade Matriculation Exam this year–12 kids ranging in age from 12 – 16, passed the exam! When they started in our program 3 to 4 years ago, they couldn’t read or write, and had never gone to school before.

We are so very proud of these kids and their perseverance. Kudos to each and every one of them! Kudos to the TEACHERS and Staff at Pi Gwo Byen! And thanks you to each and every one of our supporters. This would not have happened without your kind and generous support! Together we all serve the Greater Good!

The Evolution of the Garden Boat

2015-04-garden-boat-1The evolution of our garden in a boat! There was this old worn out boat on our beach, left by a man who has since moved to Miami. We had been planning a raised bed garden when we realized the boat would make an excellent container for our garden.

We had soil from the mountain hauled down to fill the boat. We planted the seeds donated by Marie and her friend, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, basil, eggplant, squash, spinach, chives… all went in the boat garden. Now we wait for the produce which will be added to our daily lunch!

Map Your World Survey Project

map-your-world-haitiCheck out our Community Mapping Project… visit We think you will be impressed by the work of our class and the information you will find in our survey and map!

Thanks to Nicole and Jenni at Map Your World…

English Classes for All the Children

2015-04-free-english-class-haiti-2At Pi Gwo Byen (aka Greater Good), when Kelly is in town, we offer free English classes to all the children and adults of the neighborhood! Sometimes it gets crowded, but we make room for everyone!