• 100% Pass Rate for GGH Students!

    Haiti Students in Class

    We are incredibly HAPPY and HONORED to announce that once again, ALL STUDENTS who took the National mandatory 6th grade matriculation exam have PASSED. Yes, that’s right for the second year running we have 100% passing rate. Please understand what an achievement this is, the national average passing rate is 20%.

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  • We Must Have Education…

    Mural Haiiti

    “We must have education so that we can fly like a bird.”[/caption]Our dilapidated mural says: “We must have education so that we can fly like a bird.”

    The students came up with the phrase after looking at a photo of birds flying and were asked to create a sentence about the importance of education using this image as the connection or basis of your sentence.

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  • Donate
    Greater Good Haiti depends on individual donations to continue the educational, habitat restoration, and community projects that are currently running. A few dollars can make a big difference to the Haitian communities we serve. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support!
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    Greater Good Haiti is currently focused on developing primary school education programs and environmental sustainability projects in Haiti. We have established a primary school and planted hundreds of trees for our reforestation project.
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    Greater Good Haiti welcomes volunteers who want to visit Haiti and lend a helping hand. We've hosted a variety of volunteers, from teachers to builders who have come to work directly with the Haitian community.
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