Reforestation & Watershed Preservation

Project:  Reforestation and watershed preservation in and around the town of Anse A Galets on the island of La Gonave in Haiti.

Project Goal:  To plant some 300,000 trees in the preserved watershed of Anse A Galets over the next five years. To protect and maintain the preserved watershed in collaboration with the town of Anse A Galets.

Project History: Greater Good Haiti received authorization in September of 2010 to work on projects in Anse a Galets, a village of approximately 40,000 people, on the island of La Gonave, including the entire region which is far reaching and includes two or three smaller villages as well. The first project we engaged in is the Reforestation and Watershed Preservation Project.

The main cause of deforestation is for fuel. Haitians have been cooking on charcoal as there is no infrastructure providing reliable electricity or gas to cook with.  Clearly this is a problem.  The only viable solution at this time is to replace trees and restore habitat.  In our efforts to find a place to start planting trees, we looked at a place just outside the village called Tet Souce, a spring which actually supplies the entire village with water.  It was clear to us that this is exactly where we would start and further we must work to create a watershed preserve to aide in the delivery of clean water and maintain the ecosystem of the watershed.  The Mayors office was enthusiastic and declared 100 acres as the watershed preserve and we began the project! Our first planting, a small inaugural planting on Saturday September 11 2010 with a group of about 15 people planting some 350 trees.  Since then groups of between 12 and 25 have planted 1,800 trees!

World Vision International, a large NGO who is working on many projects in Haiti, donated the 1,800 trees and has dedicated themselves to more. In all we plan to plant some 300,000 native trees in the new preserve! Thanks to donations, Greater Good Haiti is providing tools; shovels, pick axes, wheelbarrows.