How to Help

Many people feel the need to help others who are less fortunate. Whether they view it as charity, humanitarian aid, philanthropic support or even an obligation. Some choose to support a cause simply by endorsing it publicly. Others will donate money directly, and still others donate their time as volunteers.

However you choose to help, everyone wants to feel as though their effort—great or small—has made an impact and directly affected those in need. Many charitable organizations grow large and corporate, and donations go toward meeting inefficient overhead costs before they can reach those truly in need. Others lack transparency and leave you wondering if your efforts will ever truly be received by those you intended on helping. While still others provide only temporary relief to ongoing problems.

It would be a welcome relief to know that your support, in whatever form it may take, will be significant and appreciated by those you intend to help. This is what makes Greater Good Haiti (GGH) such a great organization to choose to support.

Greater Good Haiti uses a grass roots model, focusing on directly improving the lives of Haitians by including them as an integral part of the organization and not simply recipients of foreign aid. GGH seeks to find real solutions, that work with Haitian culture and community, rather than a handout that is only a temporary “band-aid” solution. Furthermore, GGH is dedicated to making a real difference over the long term rather than just providing temporary relief after a crisis.

Please consider supporting GGH in any way you feel comfortable and know that anything you do is appreciated in earnest. Your support will be appreciated, not just by the organization, but by the people who make up the GGH community—because that’s what GGH really is; a community of dedicated people working toward a common goal.

Ways to Help