Pi Gwo Byen Activities

This week the class of Lekol Pi Gwo Byen was very busy with exciting activities.

We studied the poem Ayiti Demen (Haiti Tomorrow), which shares the message that together Haitians can create a beautiful Haiti.  Just as one drop of water cannot make a flood, not one Haitian can make the change—it will take the effort of all Haitians.

We first read the poem and studied the meaning, then we wrote the poem on a long scroll of paper, then we painted the poem with many colors! Great fun and lots of social studies, some good learning in progress. Thanks go out to Andrew Bowring of England who visited us in August and donated the anthology of poetry as well as the paints and brushes.Art project at Pi Gwo Byen school.

Pi Gwo Byen school art project.

We shared meals together.

Children at Pi Gwo Byen school in Haiti share a meal together.

We did our grammar, math and regular academic studies with our teacher, Rosemanie.

Pi Gwo Byen students in Haiti with their teacher.

Kelly was our substitute one morning.

Kelly Kobza teaches students at Pi Gwo Byen school in Haiti.

And finally we started our dance classes for PE on Friday afternoons!  Thanks to Valencia a high school student who volunteers to teach the class.

Valencia teaches dance during P.E. class at Pi Gwo Byen school in Haiti.